Money Talks: homes now for less than used cars

GreenPath Debt Solutions Reminds You to Check Your Credit Report Before Auto Shopping
Good credit score and “debt to credit ratio” can save money and obtain better interest rates
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Neighborhood Watch: Chris Farris, co-founder of the retooled GLOV, on why the anti-violence organization has never …
Feature Story:Cuts, bruises and a shoe print. That’s what remained on Todd Metrokin’s face after he was beaten on an Adams Morgan street by a group of men in the summer of 2008. The men stomped on Metrokin, 41, repeatedly, calling him ”faggot” and knocking him unconscious. Two years later, Metrokin is still recovering. ”I see dark alleys much differently than I used to,” he says. Metrokin’s …
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Can Mobile Empower 200 million Rural Mobile Youth?
This week we’re looking at the world’s 200 million mobile owning youth who living in rural areas. What can new mobile services such as banking, commerce and learning offer them in terms of adding value to their lives? How can mobile service providers tap this trend and monetize a particularly low-margin segment?
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Money Talks: Houses Now Selling for Less Than Used Cars
When pro basketball player James Jones went house shopping in Miami, he had a tall order: find a condo for my cousin that costs less than a Mercedes.
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